Financial Management System is designed and developed to enable SFURTI Clusters of Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations (COHANDS) to Submit and Manage Pay orders.

You can register for the FMS account of your IA/SPV via this form

FMS has been launched and utilized by COHANDS to make sure that the payorder and fund disbursement process is done in a standardized, consistent, timely and transparent manner. With FMS, IAs are able to submitted supporting document with zero paperwork. Additionally, the system itself makes all financial calculations so that there are no calculation related errors..

As a Handicraft and Handloom cluster under SFURTI, you can submit the reports by selecting MIS from the sidebar and selecting the type of report.

A combination of payorder form and supporting documents are referred as Claim by the system.

For any technical assistance, please write to us at Send Email please be sure to include all supporting documents and your contact information in the mail.

You can download the design modules from this page.

The maximum size for a supporting document is 2 MB.

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